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Cosy Anderson This website has cool articles on different topics. 13/04/2013 21:59:55
Jerry Molloy Thanks for the nice site. It was very useful for me. 13/04/2013 21:58:35
Wang Ming-Dong This is a wonderful website. Many thanks go to the researchers who have contributed to this project. I just have a small question: For the gene SCN7A, I think the quoted paper might not be related to this gene. Please double check 19/04/2012 16:47:26
Mockett Robin "I just came across your site as a result of reading an article in which it is referenced (Ticozzi et al., Archiv. Italiennes de Biologie 149: 65-82, 2011). Thank you. It is a good site"..... 18/11/2011 00:00:00
Fogh Isabella Congratulations and thank you for this realy exhaustive web page. It would be also useful if the ALS associated genes identified in GWA studies would be listed separately with the significant SNPs listed close by for an easier search. 15/10/2010 15:56:53
Mok Boniface "Your online database is fabulous. I am sure John and Richard will support the idea of sharing our results on an online platform"... 13/08/2010 12:51:23
Prudencio Mercedes The database is quite useful but I never fully understood why certain SOD1 mutations were reported and provide the link of a paper but then in the number of subjects affected by that mutation it'd say 0 (zero). That continues to be confusing. Maybe you should add a note clarifying that. 23/06/2010 17:20:11
Nigel Cairns This is a great project, I will help add to the database. Please can you provide the appropriate login/password to enter data. I tried to enter TARDBP, but this was not accepted.Many thanks for your help. 09/06/2009 16:58:00
Sazci Ali It is a geat pleasure to contribute to the SOD database. 28/01/2009 13:45:58
Tomik Barbara It is my pleasure to join SOD database and support ALS genetic testing. 21/01/2009 17:27:11
Adams Lorel I'm not clear as to the purpose of this database. It would be useful to be able to search for a specific area of MND/ALS research, and have links to groups who are working in that area. 18/01/2009 22:56:46
Idrisoglu Halil Atilla I would like to contribute SOD database. 16/01/2009 14:03:23


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