Gene Nameprofilin 1
Organism Namerat
Biological NameRattus norvegicus
Other Names 
ChromosomeChr10 q24
Genomic coordinates 


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Bitko2003"Profilin is required for viral morphogenesis, syncytium formation, and cell-specific stress fiber induction by respiratory syncytial virus."
Cheng2011Involvement of profilin-1 in angiotensin II-induced vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation.
Evans2006Endothelin-1 mobilizes profilin-1-bound PIP2 in cardiac muscle.
Faivre-Sarrailh1993Location of profilin at presynaptic sites in the cerebellar cortex; implication for the regulation of the actin-polymerization state during axonal elongation and synaptogenesis.
Gerhard2004"The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC)."
Giesemann2003"Complex formation between the postsynaptic scaffolding protein gephyrin, profilin, and Mena: a possible link to the microfilament system."
Gr+©nborg2005Biomarker discovery from pancreatic cancer secretome using a differential proteomic approach.
Kwitek2004"High-density rat radiation hybrid maps containing over 24,000 SSLPs, genes, and ESTs provide a direct link to the rat genome sequence."
Lamprecht2006Fear conditioning drives profilin into amygdala dendritic spines.
Nakamura1994"Increase of hepatic mRNAS of profilin, actin and extracellular matrix proteins after carbon tetrachloride treatment and partial hepatectomy in rats."
Quinlan2004"Vinculin, VASP, and profilin are coordinately regulated during actin remodeling in epithelial cells, which requires de novo protein synthesis and protein kinase signal transduction pathways."
Romeo2008Oxysterol and diabetes activate STAT3 and control endothelial expression of profilin-1 via OSBP1.
Sato2006Profilin is an effector for Daam1 in non-canonical Wnt signaling and is required for vertebrate gastrulation.
Strausberg2002"Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences."
Tamura2000"Activation of DNA synthesis and AP-1 by profilin, an actin-binding protein, via binding to a cell surface receptor in cultured rat mesangial cells."
Tamura2000"Expression of profilin, an actin-binding protein, in rat experimental glomerulonephritis and its upregulation by basic fibroblast growth factor in cultured rat mesangial cells."
Tamura1996Enhanced glomerular profilin gene and protein expression in experimental mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis.
Yang2011Analysis of oxygen/glucose-deprivation-induced changes in SUMO3 conjugation using SILAC-based quantitative proteomics.
Zhao2013Profilin-1 promotes the development of hypertension-induced cardiac hypertrophy.