Gene NameTAR DNA binding protein
Organism Namemouse
Biological NameMus musculus
Other Names1190002A23Rik|TDP-43|Tdp43
ChromosomeChr4 78.77 cM
Genomic coordinates GRCm37Chr4:148612382-148627019 ( -)
Genomic coordinates GRCm38Chr4:148612382-148627019(-)


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Abhyankar2007A novel CpG-free vertebrate insulator silences the testis-specific SP-10 gene in somatic tissues: role for TDP-43 in insulator function.
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Cohen2011Redox signalling directly regulates TDP-43 via cysteine oxidation and disulphide cross-linking.
Colombrita2012TDP-43 and FUS RNA-binding proteins bind distinct sets of cytoplasmic messenger RNAs and differently regulate their post-transcriptional fate in motoneuron-like cells.
Fallini2012The ALS disease protein TDP-43 is actively transported in motor neuron axons and regulates axon outgrowth.
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Kraemer2010Loss of murine TDP-43 disrupts motor function and plays an essential role in embryogenesis.
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